Sunday, December 20, 2009

Artists and models clip

TCM will show the 1937 movie Artists and models on February 23, 2010. And they have posted a few clips online. Including this one where we see Patterson and other artists drawing.

Just click HERE to watch it. (The image above is just a screen shot.)
Or HERE for the entire list of clips including a scene with Pattersons Personettes.


Amy Pfau said...

I found two room design renderings for the apartment of Marjorie Ryan done by Russell Patterson when cleaning out my mother's house. Done on Bainbridge Board (or put in them) Wondering if they have any value. Images measure about 9Hx20 Happy to send photos with signature.Living Room & Dining room with notes.

RP said...

Amy: I didn't see this comment until now. Sorry! Please drop me a mail at If they look nice I might be interested in buying!
/Joakim Gunnarsson.