Saturday, November 5, 2011

Over Sexteen 6

This is an old post from my Sekvenskonst blog that I felt belonged here. /Joakim.

Russell Patterson is probably most well known for his stylish artwork, produced between the late teens and the early forties. Covers for Ballyhoo, American Weekly etc including numerous gorgeous flappers.

A lesser known part of his career is his work for Grayson Publishing Corp. in the 50's.
Not beeing the hot artist anymore, he illustrated at least two joke books in the "Over Sexteen" series.
Just to give you a few samples of his work on these books, I've scanned a few of his gag illustrations from volume 6. If you want to see Patterson artwork from his peak years I recommend the book "The Art of Russell Patterson".

Now, over to the Sexteen gags. Funny or not, here they come...

There's more in the book, so if you like them it's pretty easy to find it on eBay, along with the "Sexteen goes abroad" book that followed. Enjoy!