Friday, August 22, 2008

"How-to" and "why"

Just a short "how-to" and "why" to start this blog.

I love the work of Russell Patterson and have been collecting it for several years. But no matter how much I find I know that getting a full set of his total output will be a lifetime quest. And I guess some items are so rare that I'll never find them.
So, what to do? Start a blog wich is open for all fans of Patterson to post on is hopefully the answer.

Simply log in with "pattersonblog" and "russellpatterson1" and you'll be able to edit and post your own images.
You got a rare interview or article about him? Some unseen sketches or other original works that you own or have found on the net? Magazine covers or spot illustrations. All are welcome to post their treasures. (But no scans from the Art of Russell Patterson book published by Fantagraphics, please. I encourage everyone to buy it. But if you've read this far I'm pretty sure you already have this magnificent book. )
Please use the labels function to make the blog searchable. Like if you post a Life cover from 1927, then use "Life" and "1927" as labels etc.
This blog also has a Google Analytics account with the same log in. There you can see how many visitors we have and where in the world they come from. :)

My first posts will be taken from my blog Sekvenskonst but new stuff will follow as soon as it's scanned. 


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